Introduction from Dick Penny

Hello. Hello York – hello Bristol – and hello world.
I am Dick Penny, MD of Watershed, and I’m here to welcome you to No Boundaries, where-ever you are.

First, a big nod to our national funding partners: Arts Council England and British Council and to our local funding partners Bristol City and City of York Councils.

Second, I’d like to acknowledge the consortium of producing partners – energetic, exciting partners:
Pilot Theatre, Festival of Ideas, Spike Island, Bristol Old Vic, Bristol City Council, City of York Council, University of Bristol and University of the West of England, and the core producing team of Jonathan Harper and Hannah Williams Walton.

And third, a very big thank you to our speakers, contributors, advisers, bloggers, and staff too numerous to mention who are all giving their time and expertise to help make the event fly.

So, a few of things to look out for:

  • in many ways NB2014 is an experiment;
  • we are in two locations simultaneously, hopefully making travel easier;
  • and this allows us to accommodate more people while keeping the group at a scale where everyone feels that they can join in;
  • a pricing structure and ticket allocation designed to create a mixed group which includes funders as participating delegates;
  • a schedule which combines structured speaker sessions with space for you to organise your own discussions and some fun elements too;
  • oh and a live link between the two locations so that we share a common group of speakers and hopefully in the process we all learn about how to create an event which coheres across geography – the technical crew will be blogging about what does and does not work – fingers crossed.

Now we are all in it together – lets see what the key issues are over the next two days and what we take forward after the event.

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